To will is to select a goal, determine a course of action that will bring one to that goal, and then hold to that action till the goal is reached. The key is action."    

–Michael Hanson


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Nvest is an independent boutique firm working with people just like you: financially established individuals and families who demand the highest quality of service and attention to detail in their financial matters. We don't take earning your business lightly. It is our commitment to provide you with an unparalleled client experience and exclusive personal attention.

As a fiduciary, we are primarily a fee-based advisory firm and can assess a fee on an hourly basis and/or as a percentage of the assets we manage, depending on the level of service your particular situation demands and, of course, your desires. (For a fuller description of our fee schedule, please contact us directly.) Our financial planning process includes the following thorough assessments:

Investment Management
Applying various passive and tactical investment strategies to create, manage, and continuously monitor tailored portfolios utilizing individual stocks, exchange-traded funds, bonds, mutual funds, and/or alternative investments where appropriate.

Risk Management
An assessment to evaluate and minimize financial and other losses potentially associated with risks to your assets, business, health, and/or life.

Tax Planning
Minimizing your current and future tax burdens through financial tax strategies that consider the tax implications of individual, investment, and/or business decisions.*

Estate Planning and Wealth Transfer
The creation of a master plan for the preservation of your estate while alive, and the most efficient manner to transfer your estate at demise through the evaluation of wills, trusts, and other wealth transfer techniques.*

Business Retirement Plan Options
Whether you’re considering a SIMPLE IRA, a 401(k) plan, a profit-sharing plan, a cash balance plan, or an ESOP, our business planning services will help you choose the most effective plan to help you and your employees save for your future.

Philanthropic and Legacy Planning
Many of our client relationships have philanthropic and charitable desires that can be integrated into their investment and estate plans through our philanthropic and legacy planning.

Divorce Planning
As Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® (CDFA™) professionals, we can help forecast the long-term effects of a divorce settlement, hopefully before long hours are needlessly spent during an already painful time in life.

*We work with qualified financial, legal, and tax professionals who understand the importance of the tax and estate laws. Nvest Financial Group and Commonwealth Financial Network® are neither certified public accountants nor attorneys. You should consult a tax or legal professional in those fields regarding your individual situation. We will, however, work together as a team to bring to you coordinated advice for your situation.


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When to Consider Using a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™

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The Value of Working with an Accredited Investment Fiduciary® Designee

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The Importance of the Master Planner Advances Studiessm Designation

Individuals who hold the MPAS® designation have completed a master's of science degree with a major in personal financial planning. All designees have agreed to adhere to Standards of Professional Conduct and are subject to a disciplinary process.

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